Conserving Long Islands Working Farms and Natural Lands

Wish List

Make a Gift of Stewardship Equipment

Our stewardship staff welcomes donations of any of the following equipment in good working condition.  Items may be destined for one of our Preserves (Quail Hill Farm, Charnews Farm, Wilson's Grove, Bridge Gardens, the North Fork Stewardship Center, etc) or kept for use by the Stewardship staff for use on a variety of properties.  To make a donation, please contact Pam Greene, Vice President of Stewardship.

Large Equipment:

  • grader box
  • pick-up truck
  • dump truck
  • tractor
  • backhoe/front-end loader
  • small trailer for hauling landscaping equipment
  • gas or diesel powered generator
  • small motorboat

Woodworking items:

  • extension ladders
  • screwdrivers, hammers, saws, nails, screws, pliers, wrenches, axes, chisels, wire cutters, sledge hammers
  • miter saw, router, jigsaw, winch/come along, screw gun, table saw, circular saw
  • tool rack for truck
  • wood for various projects (shelves, trellises, fencing, etc)

Yard & Garden Items:

  • log splitter
  • lopers, pruners
  • wood chipper/mulcher/shredder
  • pitch forks, rakes, shovels, spades, cultivators, trowels, hoes
  • garden benches
  • picnic tables/benches
  • lawn chairs
  • buckets, plastic storage containers, garbage cans
  • wheelbarrow, rototiller, garden carts
  • seeds, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, fruit trees
  • compost, mulch, fertilizer, lime

Household Items:

  • platters, serving utensils, pitchers, coffee urns
  • knives, cutting boards, scissors 

Other Items:

  • kayaks, canoe
  • roofing materials