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Plein Air Peconic

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Plein Air Peconic X

Plein Air Peconic X

Saturday, October 10 through Monday, October 12, 2015

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Plein Air Peconic Notecards

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Plein Air Peconic Notecards

About Plein Air Peconic

painting by Eileen Dawn SkretchThe 2006 Plein Air Peconic was the first full-scale art exhibition to feature paintings and photographs that included many sites conserved in partnership with the Peconic Land Trust. "Plein air" painters and landscape photographers worked in the field during August and September of 2006 to create Plein Air Peconic, a project which takes one step further the ongoing collaboration between local artists and the Peconic Land Trust. Since then, the ten artists of Plein Air Peconic have presented an annual exhibition of their works at a local gallery on the North and South Forks.  Sites have included the Wallace Gallery in East Hampton, the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor and South Street Gallery in Greenport.

Artist participants include: Casey Chalem Anderson, Susan D'Alessio, Aubrey Grainger, Anita Kusick, Keith Mantell, Michele Margit, Gordon Matheson, Joanne Rosko, Tom Steele and Kathryn Szoka. The artists donate a percentage of sales to the Peconic Land Trust in support of our conservation mission.

Gift Giving: The Peconic Land Trust has two series of Plein Air Peconic notecards -- Wetlands and Farms, Fields and Flowers -- for sale. For more information, and to purchase, call us at 631.283.3195 or visit our online Gift Shop. The notecards, in 10 or 12-pack sets, make a great gift.

Latham by Michele MargitCheck Connections and our online calendar for upcoming dates, times, and locations for all Plein Air Peconic exhibitions and programs!

The History
The idea for this unusual exhibition came from talks in 2005 between local artist Gordon Matheson and Peconic Land Trust Vice President Rebecca Chapman, about developing important connections between the Trust and local artists. The Trust cleared the way for artists to spend considerable time in the preserves, painting, photographing and often just observing nature. Southampton Village was also generous in allowing the artists to park in reserved areas at Dune Beach, a preserve with bayfront, oceanfront, and beautiful dunes located in Southampton Village.

painting by Gail KernThe artists participating in the program include: Casey Chalem Anderson, Susan D’Alessio, Aubrey Grainger, Anita Kusick, Keith Mantell, Michele Margit, Gordon Matheson, Joanne Rosko, Tom Steele, and Kathryn Szoka. Click here for bios and contact information (PDF) on each of the artists. To learn more about Plein Air Peconic and the artists, visit their website at

The exhibitions of the Plein Air Peconic group travel between the North and South Forks - check back for details on dates in 2017!