Conserving Long Islands Working Farms and Natural Lands

The Barns in Amagansett

QHF Barn

After years of vision, talk and planning, we are actually about to build 2 barns in Amagansett. (We are in the permit process.)

One barn, to be located adjacent to the orchard will serve the Quail Hill Farm Community Supported Agriculture program: a place for storage, tools, equipment repair, meeting and conversation and curing garlic, of course. 

The second barn will be tucked away in the northwest corner of the Trust's Town Lane field and will serve the needs of those farmers who lease from us presently, and those who are part of the Trust's Farms for the Future Initiative, now and in the fuure. 

Wow, what a change. Our modest farmshop at Quail Hill Farm, hugged by a strong beech tree, has held us well for 27 seasons. Gratitude to those who have shared in the process: we thank you all! 

Do you have questions? Contact Pam Greene, Vice President, at 631.283.3195, ext. 31.